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    When I created this page in 1993, there weren't more than
    about 6 noteworthy bicycling related Web pages. Now there
    are too many to keep track. I received many additions and
    corrections every week, so its a real challenge to keep on
    top of things.

    Currently, I am working at Blekko. Work doesn't always give me
    the time I need to keep maintain this page the way I'd like,
    but I can now afford my own domain
    so now it will be that much easier to remember the URL.

    As always, please continue to help me out by submitting new
    links. I'm looking to keep all the sections fresh with new
    additions. Click here to submit a new link.

    Bryn Dole
    bikelane @ bikelane . com
    July 11, 2008

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